Why Marie and Twannette’s?

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Our menu can be adapted to feed groups of up to 100.   We can provide hot self serve buffet style meals or cold sandwich trays or boxed lunches.  Prices are based on number of dishes, guests and location.  Please follow the link below to fill out a

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Balanced Dishes

Our dishes are made with a good balance of meat, veggies and starch.

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Custom Requests

With a little lead time, I can make any dish you want customized.  I can modify to be low salt, low fat, low carb, gluten free,  add ingredients and remove ingredients from a recipe.  I can also prepare just about any dish you would like.  All I need to know what what you want.   Pricing varies for modifications and custom orders.

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Local Support

I buy as much produce and other items as possible from local growers and vendors.  I support local businesses for my administrative needs and services.    If a product or service is available locally, I will make the best effort to foster and maintain relationships with local businesses.