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Pressure Cooker Quick Defrost

Learn how to quickly and easily defrost a frozen dish in your pressure cooker



Great Pairings

Most of our dishes only need one self prepared dish to make a complete meal for your family.  Find out what our chef recommends to make shopping and preparation easy and fast

Planning your Meals

Feeding your family, or just yourself can be simplified and cost effective by making some plans and implementing easy routines.   Find out how to avoid the chaos and stress of preparing home cooked foods.

Calculate Servings

How many does this dish feed?   Understand how to calculate serving sizes for your family, gathering, or party. 

Each casserole is 2lbs.   Generally, 2lbs of food will serve 4 adults.  But of course, some appetites are larger or smaller than others.  Also, take into consideration what is in the casserole.  If the dish includes meat, vegetable, and starch, a larger portion will be reasonable as “everything” is included in the dish for a full meal.   Dishes with mostly meat may yield smaller portions as they will be served with side dishes.   Side dishes are typically smaller portions than a loaded casserole, so you may get 5-6 servings from a  2 lb side dish.     Our dishes are wonderful reheated, so don’t worry about leftovers.

Recipes – Great ways to use our spreads and salads to make a full meal

Pimento Cheese  

Delicious and convenient, our pimento cheese can turn ordinary meats and veggies into a main course!

Add pimento cheese to ANYTHING!   Its great on sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs.   Add pimento cheese to potatoes, eggs, pasta dishes.    Mix with cooked chicken and serve with rice.   Make casseroles with meat, pimento cheese and the starch of your preference.   Below are some great recipes using pimento cheese

Great Ideas for Pimento Cheese

More Delicious Ideas

Dilly Spread

Excellent and versatile as a spread, dip, or sauce base.

Make a ham dilly sandwich or roll up with ham, dilly spread and cucumbers. 

Spread Dilly spread over boneless, skinless chicken and bake for a delicious dill chicken.  Or cook in a crock pot for a slow simmered fall apart delicacy. 

Dilly spread is great with vegetables and crackers. 


Fiesta Salad

This dish is a wonderful side dish, but it can also be used to build upon to create tasty main dishes.

Add chunks of chicken or beef and serve hot with rice.   

Add to your salad for a great boost of protein

Serve with tortilla chips as a hearty salsa.

 TKO Dough

The possibilities are endless for this versatile Keto Staple.   Buy premade TKO dough and start experimenting!

Pizza Crust,  Rolls, Croutons, Topping for casseroles, flat bread for sandwiches.

Great Ideas for TKO Dough